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Velo-city 2009

Velo-city 2009

Press Corner



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Conference theme – RE-CYCLING CITIES

Velo-city 2009 aims to return to the roots of previous Velo-city conferences, in other words, to show the role that cycling plays in urban areas. 


Over 60% of Europeans and over half the world’s population live in urban areas, and these figures are set to rise.  


Velo-city 2009Nevertheless, cities are faced with a considerable amount of challenges, such as traffic congestion, road safety, greenhouse gasses, air and noise pollution as well as health-related issues.


One of the key factors in creating habitable cities is an integrated sustainable transport system, and cycling plays a prominent role in this. The characteristics of bicycles prove that cycling is an undeniably urban mode of transport: bicycles take up very little place, they’re quick for short distances, they don’t cause pollution and they’re quiet, healthy and cost-effective.   


This important challenge of giving cycling a proper place in urban mobility policies has given rise to the theme of Velo-city 2009: RE-CYCLING CITIES. The bike has made a comeback in many European cities, such as Paris, Munich and Barcelona, and has played a pioneering role for years in cities such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Munster, Gent and Groningen. Our wish is to see this trend extend to other European cities.


Velo-city2009 sub-topics

The main theme of the conference - ‘RE-CYCLING CITIES’ - is represented by the following sub-topics:  

  1. Public space and the moving bicycle
  2. (Public) space and the bicycle parkings
  3. Intermodality
  4. Mobility management (training, campaigns, commuter schemes...)
  5. Communication and Marketing
  6. Integrated urban development (e.g. eco mobility, health, future perspectives for the city…)
  7. Policy instruments (evaluations, guidelines, legislation, taxes…)
  8. Networks (cities, knowledge institutions…)
  9. Lifestyle (types of bicycle, fashion, equipment, behaviour…)

Velo-city 2009 conference lines

One of the unique aspects of Velo-city is the mix of participants. Representatives of government authorities, academics, consultants, user groups and people from the bicycle industry – they’re all taking part in Velo-city. This mix of people and professional backgrounds is one of the keys to the conference’s success. To ensure that the wide range of participant expectations are met, Velo-city 2009 is being structured around four different conference tracks:  

  1. FORERUNNERS: the benchmarks in the field of (urban) cycling policy
  2. CLIMBERS: cities and regions that are on their way to having an excellent cycling policy
  3. (URBAN) TOURISM: bicycles and tourism, recreation (in urban areas)
  4. EUROPE: themes illustrating the role of Europe in cycling policy.